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ISBN-13: 9781619965553
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 3/8/2012
Pages: 250

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Book: Synopsis

“I speak of a true story, my living testimony…” So begin the words of The Blessing Legacy: A Memoir of Africa, a Father’s Faith, and a Destiny Fulfilled, the tale of a young woman raised in poverty in Ivory Coast, but bolstered by a father whose faith taught her to dream big and never say “never.”

Odile Koudou invites us to walk the village paths where she was raised, experience the sights, sounds, and real nature of Africa, and relive the story of a remarkable man who inspired her to become more than she ever dreamed she could be. With his words whispering in her spirit, she rose from her humble beginnings to a position of honor and wealth in America, married into a prominent family, and now uses her “blessing” to enrich the lives of others. Through Odile's example, anyone raised in poverty will see that it is possible to “reverse the curse” and lead a life of extraordinary excellence.